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Olivia Jane Design is a full-service interior design firm dedicated to the creation of hospitality and residential spaces that are transportive and deeply moving.


The firm’s bespoke approach to each project begins by working together with the client to define the feelings and emotions the space should evoke. These intangible feelings are then translated into the physical by cultivating a careful balance of new and old, fresh and nostalgic. Olivia Jane Design harnesses the evocative power of materials, furnishings and especially lighting, not only to illuminate spaces, but to fundamentally transform them.


Olivia Jane Design’s inaugural undertaking was the design of the 9,000-square-foot restaurant Amalfi by Bobby Flay at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Olivia worked closely with Flay to create an environment that, in tandem with his menu, would whisk guests away to Italy’s rugged shoreline, spritz in hand, during the evening golden hour. The Fishmonger’s Room evokes the bustle and excitement of the open-air markets of Italy, while the restaurant’s private dining spaces create a feeling of openness to the sky even with their location deep inside a Nevada casino. The use of lighting throughout, both architectural and decorative, was a key part in achieving a genuinely enveloping feel.


For a Tribeca residence, which is nestled in an ornate Beaux-Arts, landmarked building, Olivia Jane Design offset the rectilinear architecture by pairing it with sinuously curving furniture to infuse freshness and femininity into the home. Lighting diffused through hand blown glass and blush-hued crystal cast a dreamy glow throughout the airy space.


And, at Bobby’s Burgers, for which the firm undertook a comprehensive rebranding and redesign, a clean color palette and graphic signage exudes 1950s nostalgia, while at the same time feeling completely contemporary. 


With projects in progress that include a high-end Italian restaurant and bakery, numerous residences across the country and the new set for a Food Network cooking show, the firm is both adaptable and versatile.


No matter the type, every project is informed by Olivia’s personal passion for entertaining and hospitality. To provide a generously welcoming space for clients, guests, family and friends alike is the mission that drives the work of Olivia Jane Design.

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